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The Star Dock - A TUGS fansite


Welcome to The Star Dock! Here you can find all sorts of information on TUGS, a great children's TV programme from the late 1980s.

"Good Morning, Star Fleet..."
22/7/05: Site established. Bigg City profile and Star Fleet profiles uploaded.
23/7/05: Z-Stacks profiles added.

TUGS is set in the 1920s in the fictional Bigg City Port, the largest harbour in the world at the time. There are two teams of tugs in the harbour, the STAR FLEET and the Z-STACKS. They were both rivals and would strive to get contracts from large firms, like the steel works and ocean liners that would visit the port from time to time. While the STAR FLEET concentrated on the values of loyalty, bravery and friendship, the Z-STACKS would restort to brute strength and devious plans to win contracts.

Check back regularly for updates!