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Cranes of the Port

Meet the cranes of the port...



Big Mickey is the largest crane in Bigg City Port. He worked for the steel works, but once they moved across the harbour, he went to work on the munitions quay.

FACT: Big Mickey falls to his doom when the munitions quay sets ablaze.



Scuttlebutt Pete is a dredger who works in the estuary just outside Bigg City Port. Ten Cents and Sunshine usually take him out to the estuary and back every day.

FACT: Pete is a notorious gossip.

Mighty Moe is a floating crane who makes his debut in JINXED. He has an odd shape but is incredibly strong, although his horse (crane mechanism) jams easily.
FACT: Mighty Moe has a cameo in HIGH TIDE. Try spotting where!


Jack works at the Municipal Garbage Corporation, where he fills Lord Stinker full of garbage. He is very lazy and rests at any opportunity.

FACT: Jack had a cameo in a deleted scene from BIGG FREEZE, where he had a cold!

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