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Other Harbour Vessels

Here are some of the other harbour vessels in the port...



Grampus is a midget submarine. He is good friends with Ten Cents and Sunshine. The Navy once tried to blow him up in Target Practice, but the Stars "kidnapped" him and he was allowed to join the fleet.

FACT: Perhaps the one thing Grampus hates is the Bridge Cafe Band, whose loud instruments keep Grampus up all night!



Lillie may not look important, sitting out in the estuary doing nothing. But she is actually shining her light to save incoming vessels from crashing onto the rocks.

FACT: The only recorded accident with Lillie is where a tramper hit her on the 3rd of July.



The Fire Tug is a valuable vessel of the port. He fights fires if they happen to break out from after accidents. He is usually too busy on patrol to help the Star Tugs if they need aid with a job.

FACT: The Fire Tug has to handle all of the Port's fires as there are no other Fire Tugs.




The Coast Guard is always on the lookout for boats in distress. He also acts as Bigg City Port's law enforcer, customs checker and Port Authority.

FACT: The Coast Guard got into a sticky situation when Johnny Cuba rammed him onto some rocks.

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