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The Star Dock - A TUGS fansite
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The Z-Stacks

Meet the Z-Stacks!



Zorran is a sly tug who always finds a way to win. Unfortunately he is always outwitted just at the winning moment and gets in trouble with Captain Zero.

FACT: His hat moves whenever he looks up.



Zebedee is a mean thug who isn't afraid of anybody. But he is quite confused on the inside, even helping out his rivals the Star Fleet at times.

FACT: Zebedee was offered to join the Star Fleet but he refused, saying he is happy being a Z-Stack.



Zak is a loner. He has a croaky voice and an ugly face, making him the scariest member of the Z-Stacks. He is actually quite smart at times.

FACT: Zak's engine breaks down easily, sounding like a broken diesel engine despite his steam power.



Zug is quite an ugly tug, and he and Zip are best friends. Zug seems to be the smartest of the two, coming up with ideas that seem bright but never work.

FACT: Zug basically commands Zip, who is too frightened to make any good suggestions.



Zip is the stupidest tug on the Z-Stack fleet. He hangs around with Zug a lot, but is skeptical of his ideas. Zip is easily scared and cries like a baby when terrified.

FACT: Zip never thinks about what he says, often wimping out whenever someone takes offense to his comments.

Those Z-Stacks really are a bad bunch!