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Bigg City Port

Bigg City Port is where TUGS is set. Find out all about it here.

There are many significant features that make up Bigg City Port. There is Star Pier and Z-Stacks HQ, there is Lucky's Yard, where all the boat repairs are made, and nextdoor is the seaplane hangar. There is a steel works, and a munitions quay. San Juan Banana, Melon Produce Co. and Big Boulder Rock Co. all have quays in the port, too. There is a Coast Guard and Port Authority office in the harbour, too, along with a fire depot, who have their own fire tug.
Bigg City Port is riddled with railway lines that run along the quays and cross the water on vast bridges.
The harbour lies at the mouth of a big river. The river comes from a lake in the mountains.

More information about Bigg City Port coming soon!